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About Us

About us

  • A global contract research and development organization (CRDO) for unique solutions/ need based services offering to pharma/healthcare/technology companies.
  • We encompass three decades of experiences from global Key Opinion Leaders to offer you best solution/services to suit for your needs and compliance with current regulations and guidelines.
  • We possess world class facilities with our associates worldwide to deliver all solutions at ‘One Stop’ for wide range of services for drug discovery, development to commercialization and also for life cycle management of your product.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to bring innovative solution/services/resources for value building in pharma/healthcare.


Our Vision

  • The world leader in providing innovative solution/services/resources
  • A trusted partner for long term association
  • High-quality data
  • A proven track record of integrating and streamlining the development process


Our Values

  • To strive for service/services excellence through a in-depth focus on People, Process and Clients.


Our History

  • Conception in 2008
  • Serving for Pharma/healthcare and education academy
  • Acquisition of global CRO/SMO in 2013
  • Build database of Hospital sites for clinical trial and serving as SMO
  • Build technology platforms for data management and resources, etc. and initiated serving as Clinical research Organisation
  • Associations with global leader personnels in Pharma/Healthcare from 2015
  • Associations with worldwide Labs, Clinical Sites, KOLs in all therapeutic areas, CRMS, CROs, etc. from 2016
  • Empowered as global contract research and development organization (CRDO)

 Partner with us



We are life dedicated organisation to develop new skilled & knowledged healthcare professionals and provide next generation medicinal products/solutions for needy patients. 

We are progressing our expansion in many geographies across globe and empowered by growing numbers of skilled professionals to serve in different healthcare domains. Our peculiarities   

  • Ensured Quality by advanced and validated process and minimize your risks.
  • En-depth skilled assures scientific concurrence and attain targets in time.
  • Personalized Industrial consultants to simplify and provide solutions.
  • Lean approach to minimize cost.